Sew Priddy 500 Fan Giveaway Winners Are…

Our sincerest thanks to everyone that entered into our first of many giveaways! In fact, we are SO excited and inspired by all the wonderful entries that we decided to draw THREE names instead of just two!!

Sew Priddy Winner
So without further ado the winners are:

1. Amy Whittard #102 for a size 12 mo Hello Kitty dress
2. Shelby Covington #14 with a custom 2T Tiff’s Treats dress
3. Vicki Key #7 with a 3/4T Cinderella/Curious George/ My Little Pony dress


Please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win this time. It looks like we will be having a 1,000 fan giveaway soon! Also, we have printed off everyone’s dream dress list and we will be giving it our all to make as many of these dreams a reality over the coming months and focus many of our ready-to-ship listings based on this list. 🙂

We will be closing the comments for the first set of shirts from our 500 Fan t-shirt vault, and we will be listing the 2nd set tonight. We’ll close comments on the 2nd set as soon as we finish up the orders on the 1st set.

Thanks again everyone!

We appreciate each of you Sew MUCH!!!

-Katie & Jennifer


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