About Us

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Sew Priddy ~ About Us
We are a team of moms and a grandmother sewing “priddy” clothing. Our diverse backgrounds shine through in our design. We love funky, fresh, fun, fabulous, fierce, fashion-forward clothing! Many of our dresses are “upcycles,” meaning we use a t-shirt and do more than just “recycle” it, we sew it up and transform it into a beautiful one of a kind (OOAK) creation just for you!  We are dedicated to providing quality products sewn with love.
With every dress we sell, we are donating money to fund cancer research. Please read Sock It to Cancer to learn more.
Meet the Team
Katie is responsible for designing and sewing the majority of the clothing we offer. She is a very detail oriented perfectionist, who earned a B.S. in Business Administration with a 4.0 GPA. For more than a decade she has worked as an IT professional, but with an economy in turmoil and a new baby girl, she decided it was time to learn a new skill and start her own business that she can do from home. Her determined, can-do attitude is contagious, and she is one of the most benevolent people on the planet. Katie grew up playing many competitive sports such as, skating, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, basketball, fast pitch softball, swimming, and the list goes on. She also caught the theater bug and performed in many shows during high school and now loves to attend the theater, as well as watch television and movies. Katie is a proud Michael Bolton fan and loves a variety of music of almost every genre. Her creativity is second to none, and she loves to blog and craft; we can’t wait to show you all that we have in store for Sew Priddy!
Jennifer is a Wonder Woman! She is extremely highly educated with a B.A., J.D., and an LL.M. and is a practicing attorney in the State of Texas. She has a passion for fashion, photography, theater, board games, and music. Her life has been forever brightened by the birth of her little daughter, and she is an amazing mom! She eats, sleeps, and breathes dresses in every spare moment. “What free time!?” you may be wondering, but have no fear, Jennifer is also a master of time management and her flexible schedule allows her a ton of Sew Priddy time every week. Jenn has personally sewn a part of every dress we have created. Jenn is bursting with personality, tells the funniest stories, and is one of those people that everyone just loves to spend time with.
Barbara is a seasoned shopper extraordinaire! She finds the best shirts, and also aids in all areas of the day-to-day business such as ordering and fulfillment. She is the best grandmother and spoils her little granddaughter rotten.  Barbara is an avid reader, coffee drinker, and loves television, and a good movie. Her lasagna is famous and will spoil anyone who tastes it from ever ordering lasagna from a restaurant ever again. Barbara has a heart of gold, and she is an invaluable member of the Sew Priddy team.

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