Supermoon and Cupcakes

I hope everyone had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! We got our Mexican food fix a day early, and Victoria enjoyed her flan on the 4th.  For Cinco de Mayo we hit up a local cupcakery called Sugar Queen in hopes they may be serving something special (and sweet and spicy) for Cinco de Mayo. I am not big on sweets personally and every time I eat something sweet I have to eat something not sweet after it – I call it my “sweet kill.”  So if I know I am ordering dessert at a restaurant, I save off some bread or other savory item to kill that sweet taste. However, I do love a great cake or cupcake, and I love to promote local businesses that serve delicious treats! I look forward to sharing a couple others soon too.

Pancake and Eggs Cupcake from Sugar QueenI digress. At Sugar Queen on Saturday, to our delight we discovered their new “pancake and eggs” cupcake. It was a rich maple flavored cake with candied bacon inside, topped with maple icing, a piece of candied bacon and a gummy egg. It really tasted like a cupcake form of a sweet maple pancake with bacon. I highly recommend it! Sugar Queen said they will be offering them on Saturdays. When we got home of course we had to have a cupcake photoshoot. 🙂  Victoria highly recommends this flavor of cupcake as well. When the pancake and eggs cupcake was gone, we tried to give her some of a different flavor, but she scrunched up her face and exclaimed “other cake…other CUPcake!”

VIP Cinco De Mayo 2011We didn’t get any new photos of VIP on Cinco de Mayo this year, so we will share this one from last year for those that haven’t seen it. It still makes me smile. She looks so different now, though. It is amazing how much little ones change in just a year (she still LOVES maracas, though).

Victoria is fascinated with the moon. We ended our evening looking up at the supermoon. It was so big and bright and beautiful. We were all in awe.

Well, the serger is calling to me. I best get back to cutting and sewing. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and we wish you a wonderful week!