Shark Bride

What better to commemorate our daughter turning 22 months old today than a blog entry including sharks, brides, and a Cadbury bunny tryout!?

Our little one’s name is Victoria Ireland and we often call her V.I.P. (as those are her initials), and she is indeed our little V.I.P.  Being the silly family that we are, we started a tradition last year of having her do a Cadbury bunny tryout.  Here is her 8 second video from this year:


It is amazing how much she has changed since last year:    

She loves animals and makes sounds for every animal we could think of a sound for…and for the animals that don’t have sounds (like a shark), we often substitute a song.  Hence, the other day we were at dinner with my grandparents and brother and sister and my brother said, “Is Victoria singing the Jaws theme song!?”  I had to reply, “yes.” Funny things like this may make people wonder how we spend our days with her… Well, her favorite things to play with right now are these finger puppets.

V.I.P.'s finger puppets

Her most revered puppet, you guessed it, the shark! V.I.P.’s preferred game is for us to put the shark on our finger, sing the Jaws Shark Bride Puppetstheme song, and try to catch her. When we eventually get to her, we are supposed to say, “shark attack!”  She then proceeds to hunch down with the shark on her finger and sneak up to you for a “shark attack” and she laughs and laughs.  Her second favorite puppet is the bride whose song is “Here Comes the Bride.”  So needless-to-say, I prefer chasing her around with the shark. Ha ha! We do of course have songs for most of the other puppets too.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend.

The tutorial about a fun, creative way to give cash that has always been a crowd pleaser will be coming soon as promised. 🙂