The Death Shroud

Hello, blog world! With this entry I wanted to take a moment to answer the question that’s been on everyone’s mind that knows me and to give a little taste of what makes Katie tick for those of you that don’t know me yet.
Growing up I vehemently loathed dresses. I enjoyed gymnastics, but when I got to the level that required me to take an

Katie's Death Shroud Dress Collage

Katie's Death Shroud Dress Collage

hour of ballet in a tutu before gymnastics practice, that was it for me. I enjoyed piano lessons, but when it was time for recitals where a dress was a requirement, I took my final bow. My parents and I were actually reminiscing and laughing about my last recital because I deemed the dress my mom got for me to wear “the death shroud.” 

Ah yes, I wasn’t quiet or shy at my early age about my hatred of dresses. All of the dress aisles were filled with uncomfortable, traditional-looking dresses. It was astonishing how the whole section was packed with tones of pink, purple, and flowers. The one or two that were blue or red were still hideous to me with frilly flowers and tulle ruffles. I began to hate school field trips instead of looking forward to them because I knew I would have to endure the horror of dress shopping in order to have “appropriate” entire for the outing.
The big question: Why on earth would a girl who rarely wore dresses and openly hated them decide to design dresses?
With Sew Priddy, I keep all of these childhood experiences and feelings in the forefront of my mind with every design. I want to offer comfortable, stylish solutions to meet any girl’s likes and style. If your favorite is Oscar the Grouch (mine was), if you hate pink (I did), if you prefer leggings with your dresses, if you want to look nice without being “traditional” or if you do prefer lots of ruffles with pink galore, we have a dress for you and everything in between. My goal is to make people happy and feel good and love what they are wearing – for our dress to be your Golden Boy* and not deemed a Death Shroud.  🙂
*Golden Boy is a Seinfeld reference episode 14 season 5, meaning it is the first shirt/dress you always wear after doing the laundry.

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